Rhodesian Ridgebacks "Giasy & Colt"

About Us....
Here you will learn to know us
We, that is my partner Gregory, myself Nadine, our cat Finn with his friend Maiti, and our two boys Giasy and Colt. We living in the near of Osnabrück , more precisely in the beautiful small Alfhausen, about 27 km north of Osnabrück. Besides many things to do, such as ride quad, water and karting at Alfsee, there is also a maze, Bullermeck (children's hall) and a lot of nature.

I had seen many years before the first Rhodesian Ridgeback, I was fascinated by these breed. The peaceful nature, the elegance and yet powerful. Again and again I searched the Internet for information about this breed.

In September 2010 and in February 2011, my two Spitz-dogs Tim (15) and Joey are (14 1/5 years) crossed the Rainbow Bridge, just lacked that certain. Looking for a dog got bigger day by day. I started to look on the Internet and get information about the breed and breeding places, until we finally decided on a puppy. So then "Giasy" was aged just 10 weeks in December 2011 from the Kennel "Of Sansibar Island" with a lot of sunshine to us. Infected by the virus Ridgeback came one year later, the 2-year-old "Colt" from the kennel "Caprivi" from Australia to us.

If you are interested to learn about us and our dogs once in person, you can also visit us happy.

Nadine Passmann - Lärzer Str. 14  - 49594 Alfhausen